Here's what people are saying about the CJTB online archive:

  • Jason from says: Maybe CJ would get more play if he was a little more continental. bet it's a bitch to unclog bears shower.
  • Chris Ann from Charlottesville, VA says: Dear Bear, I know you no longer have a strip, but you will forever live in the hearts of small dogs. Small dogs and UVA students. Mmm-hmm. Now for my question, do you actually like Mama's Family? For some reason, it used to come on Fox back home and even though I really didn't like the show, I'd watch it occasionally. Maybe I secretly liked the show, who knows? Golden Girls was just plain cool. Thanks. (Tues May 2, 2000)
  • Dave from New Brunswick, NJ says: "All I have to tell you is that if "Other Guy Dave" is supposed to represent me, any characteristic of me, or any other aspect of my being, I'll lock you in the morgue at the med school with my new friend Doug the Mortician where you'll be forced to live off spare human brains, hearts, livers, kidneys, and penises and sleep on a slab with the other 75 "occupants" of the "corpse closet."
  • Brad from Charlottesville, VA says: "I'm happy that I could catch up with the comics I missed, even though there were just a few of them"
  • Jonathan from Charlottesville, VA says: "I wonder if Second Nature has an online archive."
  • Michelle from Parsippany, NJ says: "P.S. I love the Bear's little reading glasses!!!!"
  • Derek from Charlottesville, VA says: "This it real or is it just a joke?"

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