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  • 06-08-02 My my my, how time flies...go back to iracane.com if you're lost.
  • 04-27-00 Only one more CJTB strip left! Tomorrow! See it at the Cav Daily website. The archive is updated through Thurs. Apr 27th.
  • 04-25-00 Do you want to see some rejected strips and drawings? Well clicky clicky!
  • 04-13-00 Finally! An update! The archive is now complete (that is, up until Wednesday April 19th)
  • 12-03-99 Has Bear met his end? Who was the shooter? What was the motive? Find out next semester!
  • 11-10-99 Has it been that long since I updated this dirty, dirty site? Well excuuuuuuuuuse me.

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