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10/31/2005 - I changed 10 items to update this list a little
25 Final True-ish (?) Things About Rob
  1. Cried during "A Walk to Remember"
  2. Doesn't remember seeing that walk
  3. Favorite grocery store department: the appy
  4. Has driven at least two girls to lesbianism
  5. Has driven at least two parents crazy
  6. Laughs at your jokes
  7. Commiserates well
  8. Brushes up and down, not back and forth
  9. Favors mini-golf over golf-golf
  10. Favors ironic humor more than blatant comedy
  11. Wants to make a pilgrimage to the Plinko board
  12. Nearly made it onto College Jeopardy
  13. Believes the happiest place on Earth is Epcot
  14. Believes in the elimination of the penny
  15. Sneezes in threes
  16. Cats, no dogs
  17. Tans nicely
  18. Full of Catholic-induced shame
  19. Has saved every ticket stub since 1991
  20. Only celebrity encounter was Josie Bissett
  21. Can grill a mean flank steak
  22. Little League career ended when struck in the left eye with a fly ball
  23. Has only had murder attempted on me once
  24. Can't play the guitar because my fingers are too short
  25. Loves the feeling of sand between my toes, but not anywhere else on my body I roll around in sand now
25 More Even Truer (?) Things About Rob
  1. High school weight: 120; College weight: 150; Current weight: 135
  2. High school height: 5'6"; College height: 5'6"; Current height: 5'6"
  3. Never drank carbonated beverages until beer
  4. I'll just have water, thanks Diet Coke with Lime, please
  5. Don't ever take my advice
  6. Gum of choice is spearmint-flavored Arm & Hammer Sugar Free Dental Care Baking Soda gum Orbit Spearmint
  7. Contrary to what I say, I do get offended when you spit it out after I've so graciously offered you a piece
  8. Slightly lactose intolerant
  9. Immensely idiot intolerant
  10. Owns 10 pairs of shoes; regularly wears 2 of those pairs I have 5 pairs in my rotation now
  11. Still wears the same slippers I got for Christmas 1994
  12. Reformed Simpsons addict
  13. Gets haircut once every three weeks to prevent curling Once every four weeks; curling is encouraged
  14. Sleeps on my left side
  15. Way too ticklish for my own good
  16. Always falling in and out of love like obsession
  17. Simultaneously a socialist and a registered Republican
  18. Believes blood is thicker than water, but ketchup trumps all
  19. Wannabe photographer (not pornographic, jerk)
  20. Smells like fabric softener I am no longer Downy soft
  21. Enjoys a good sit
  22. Enjoys a good hat
  23. Unabashed gossip
  24. Will forgive; won't forget
  25. Wait...I just forgot
25 More True (?) Things About Rob
  1. Former sitcom addict
  2. Believes that the iPod is God's gift to me
  3. I'M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN (riiiiiight)
  4. Doesn't smoke because my lungs don't like it
  5. Reformed carbohydrate addict
  6. Voracious reader (in spurts)
  7. Too easily persuaded and cajoled by a certain cousin (especially when it comes to writing 25 more things)
  8. Extraordinarily streaky
  9. Too much of an optimist to throw my hands up in the air and give up
  10. Definitely not a morning person; definitely not a night person (I like 6:30PM)
  11. Loves the anticipation
  12. Will give you my shirt and a back to go with it
  13. Wannabe world traveler (got: Italy, Montreal, California; want: France, Vancouver, Texas)
  14. Has played Lincoln Center
  15. Thinks that the season for love is early autumn
  16. Surprisingly tolerant for someone who can't stand people
  17. No spectacular changes to hairstyle in over 10 years I'm considering an jew-fro
  18. Has rhythm, lacks soul
  19. Picks the Giants to go all the way (baseball and/or football)
  20. HATES the double standard (yeah, that one)
  21. Reads only one magazine I read Harpers now, too
  22. I'm really not obsessive-compulsive. My life would be *so* much more organized.
  23. Probably passive-aggressive
  24. Read all the books but I can't find the answers
  25. Boxers Boxer briefs
25 True (?) Things About Rob
  1. Born 01-24-1978
  2. Of Italian descent
  3. Schooled by the finest high school in New Jersey
  4. Educated at the finest colleges on the East Coast
  5. Co-author of a comic strip in a fine daily publication (1999-2000)
  6. Obsessive fan of R.E.M.
  7. Obsessive fan of movies
  8. Obsessive-compulsive
  9. Wannabe amateur pianist
  10. Does crosswords to stave off Alzheimer's
  11. Has eaten and would eat any and every animal (not cats nor dogs) I'd eat a dog.
  12. Wishes I was Canadian
  13. Drives a green Ford Taurus black Honda Accord
  14. Dresses way too conservatively
  15. Loves Krispy Kremes and car-crashing-into-building stories (and squirrels)
  16. Former math nerd turned computer geek
  17. Turned on by amazing people
  18. Child of the eighties turned upside down by the nineties (don't even get me started on the aughts)
  19. Tragically gullible and trusting
  20. Pathologically selfish and childish
  21. Girl drink drunk
  22. Believer in truth, beauty and love
  23. Hater of commercials at the movie theater
  24. Is this 25 yet?????
  25. It is now.